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Recorded Aug 17, 2019
Everything Is New
August 17, 2019 PM

San Rafael, CA

This standout meeting from the 2019 Santa Sabina retreat speaks to what is possible when we really open to the inner depths of our being where everything is new. From an encounter with the truth in all living things, to the clear awareness of “consciousness looking out through my eyes,” to a joyous near-death experience on the freeway, every articulate interaction with Gangaji points to the indescribable yet undeniable answer to the question, “Who am I?”

“I had prayed for help, I had prayed for a teacher, and I guarantee you that prayers are answered, in the most surprising ways, especially if you don’t have an agenda for the answer. And you the living proof of it, if you are willing to be intimate with yourself, to open to yourself as you are, rather than who you’ve been taught you should be.

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