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Recorded Jan 20, 1996
The Burning of Illusion
January 20, 1996 PM

Maui, Hawaii
This classic video from the archives helps us to penetrate any illusion that our relentless spiritual search will one day deliver us the truth. If you have been graced with a glimpse of reality, can you honestly say that you did something for it? Can you say with certainty that you can command its return? Gangaji reminds us that this is the joke! You have never been separate from this. What you have been searching for is already here, realizing itself in you.

“We have become enamored with our spiritual search. It serves a crucial purpose as it awakens the heart, yet if it becomes the object of our infatuation, it is a relentless obstacle. Give it up! Give up your search for awakening, give up your search for love, give up your search for yourself for one instant, and see what is found.”

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