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Recorded Nov 16, 2014
Are You Willing to Have No Beliefs?
November 16, 2014 AM

Santa Monica, CA

“I have discovered the bliss, the freedom of not needing to have anything. My body needs things. My emotions need; my mind needs rest, stimulation, all of that. But who I am – life – doesn’t even need life.  And it’s alive in you now, if you are willing to penetrate the trance.”

In this Meeting Gangaji emphasizes that opening to the depths of an emotion, such as fear, does not require analysis or processing, since it is not a conceptual experience. In order to drop into the core, we have to be willing to lose control of the narrative, to lose control of the dialogue, to give up managing reality. Gangaji challenges us to be consciously willing to not figure things out, to nurture the freshness of not knowing, in order to awaken from the trance of who we think we are.

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