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If you decide to submit an application for an event with Gangaji, we ask that you honestly assess your financial need. If your plans change and you will not be able to attend the event or no longer need funding, please let us know as soon as possible.

The person requesting the scholarship must be the one who fills out the application. Please note that scholarships for Small Group Retreats can only be considered for those who have completed the prerequisite. You must have previously attended an in-person or online event with Gangaji, been a member of the monthly online program, or completed the free introductory course offered on the homepage.

Important: If you have already registered for this event, please do not submit an application.

We appreciate your care and thoughtfulness in writing your application.

With gratitude,

The Scholarship Committee

Note: Scholarships are reviewed by our volunteer scholarship committee. We want to assure you that applications are kept strictly confidential.

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