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When You Go All the Way, Support is the Ocean Itself
Recorded Oct 23, 1994
When you fully say yes to this that is calling you, life takes care of itself, not in the way that you imagined, perhaps, but fully. Then there is an ocean of wisdom waiting for you.
No Postponement
Recorded May 30, 2012
When you are called, you can dive right in with a huge Yes!
Being Is Not a Practice
In this series of clips Gangaji speaks about spiritual practice, it's value and it's pitfalls. What are we actually practicing most of the time? And what needs no practice at all? The collection concludes with short meditation.

Clips included: What Cannot Be Practiced, recorded October 2022; What Are You Practicing? recorded April 1999; Practicing the Religion of Me, recorded March 1999, and a meditation from January 2000.
How To Stop Postponing Your Freedom
In clips spanning almost 30 years, Gangaji covers some of the many strategies we use to avoid the full surrender to the Call Home.

Clips included: How do I Stop?, recorded Mach 2005; Stop Postponing Your Fulfillment, recorded February 2023; and Go All the Way! The Support is the Ocean Itself, recorded October 1994
Stop Postponing Your Fulfillment
Recorded Feb 26, 2023
Are you postponing about the deepest desire of your life? Where is your attention? What are you postponing about the deepest desire of your life? What do you want? Where are looking for it? If you stop looking for it any place, in any body, in any situation, in any state, in any feeling, what do you find?
Free Falling
Recorded Mar 18, 2017
Gangaji invites you to fall into yourself, to surrender to what you don't know about yourself.
The Innocence of Your Heart
Recorded Mar 20, 2011
In a tender exchange with an Iraq War veteran, Gangaji points to the purity and innocence of the heart, even in the face of extreme emotional or physical pain.
The Opportunity of Retreat
The opportunity of retreat is so that that peace cannot go overlooked in any degree ever again.
Love is the Answer
Recorded Apr 16, 2000
Isn't love the answer to your question? Are you willing to trust the Love?
Fully Empty
Recorded Aug 22, 1993
During one of the early Boulder meetings from around the time the Gangaji Foundation was first formed, Gangaji reads two beautiful letters in satsang.
What Does Fear Mean When You Don't Call It Fear
Recorded Oct 19, 1997
Directly meeting fear of any emotion, really letting your attention drop all the way in, reveals a surprise. When you really meet fear, fear is not fear.
True Prayer is the Answer
Recorded Oct 11, 1997
There is no question in true prayer. Prayer is the answer.
Speaking Out and Remaining Still
Recorded Jan 15, 2023
Gangaji speaks about Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King's place in American history, and the possibility of speaking out and remaining still. It's not that you remain silent. It can be important to speak out, but to speak from a depth of being that can't be spoken.
Gangaji on Prayer
Some of Gangaji's best monologues and interactions on the subject of prayer: what it is and is not, who prays, and to whom, and finally, Gangaji's own prayer for peace.

Clips included: On Prayer, recorded September 22, 2010; True Prayer is the Answer, recorded October 11, 1997; The Fire of the Living Prayer, recorded July 22, 2001; ; A Prayer for Peace, recorded April 16, 1999
When Fear Is Not Fear
In these two selections from the archive Gangaji demonstrates how the trance of fear can be broken by directly experiencing it. What joy can follow is especially shown in the second clip, but you have to keep watching till the end :)

Clips included: The Opportunity f Fear, recorded August 22, 1993; What does Fear Mean When You Don't Call It Fear?, recorded October 19, 1997
The Nectar of Eternal Being
Recorded Mar 26, 1999
There is a great secret that beings throughout time have announced, the secret of the extraordinary treasure, the treasure of the nectar of eternal life. Human beings, in all cultures, have attempted to create maps and signposts to find that treasure. And yet the treasure remains just out of reach. You can smell it, you can sense it, but you just can’t quite find it... Eventually the great day comes when you set all maps aside.

"You are always looking ahead or you are always looking behind to see where you have come. But what goes overlooked is where you are."
Returning to the Source of "I"
Recorded May 30, 1998
When you tell the truth about this "I" it reveals a deeper truth.
The Opportunity of Fear
Recorded Aug 22, 1993
In this clip we return to the summer of 1993 in Boulder, Colorado. Gangaji speaks about the opportunity to break the trance of fear by directly experiencing fear itself. “This is a kind of contraction against life. Direct experience is the medicine, the remedy. When you really experience fear,  fear is not fear.”
How Will You Live Your Life in the World?
In this selection of clips Gangaji addresses a subject that is close to her heart. How do you live every day in truth in the face of so much suffering and injustice in the world? How do you act, what do you do? What is the relationship to the world for someone seeking the authenticity of living freely and at peace?

Clips included: Taking Responsibility, recorded September 27, 2014; Don't Go to the Dark Side, recorded October 17, 2018; How Can Your Life Be a Beacon of Peace? recorded March 13, 2022; Speaking Out and Remaining Still, recorded January 15, 2023
Online Public Meeting, January 7, 2023
Recorded Jan 7, 2023
Gangaji answers questions from the global community on topics that range from meditation and stillness, to grace, to activism.
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