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Each of us has the opportunity to give up fixing ourselves and directly discover what has always been whole and fulfilled, what has always been here, and is in truth, who you are. Gangaji’s Weekend, Falling Into Yourself, March 6-7, 2021.


Recordings starting: Mar 6, 2021


January 7, 2021, Interview This interview was recorded for the Shift Networks Global Mystics Summit.

Length: 00:43:44

Recorded on: Jan 7, 2021



In the Beginning January 3, 2021, Global Online Gathering In this global gathering marking the beginning of 2021, Gangaji invites you to meet her in the ever-freshly unfolding truth of who you are. These beautiful reports and inquiries shared from people across the globe exemplify that it&#…​

Length: 01:12:08

Recorded on: Jan 3, 2021


In this clip from an online weekend with Gangaji, Gangaji examines what is self-inquiry, and how it can be really relevant for you, in your life, in this time. In the moment of true inquiry, there is a surrender to the deepest mystery of who you are. Gangaji goes on to introduce her teacher…​

Length: 00:07:22

Recorded on: Oct 25, 2020


Watch all four sessions of Gangaji’s Online Weekend, plus two bonus clips that were featured during the weekend.

Length: 00:00:00

Recordings starting: Oct 3, 2020

Living Freedom


September 28, 2020 – Online Public Meeting Hosted by Alternatives, St James Church of London Gangaji begins this global meeting in absolute gratitude that it’s even possible for us to meet on Zoom in these unique times of Covid-19. The conversations that follow point ever deeper to…​

Length: 01:17:50

Recorded on: Sep 28, 2020

Secret of Surrender


A clip from Gangaji’s August Public Meeting. A man reports on his experience of true surrender, in Gangaj’s words, “the most ruthless act of a lifetime.” In the willingness to surrender he found peace. Gangaji goes on to speak about the humbling of these times, and t…​

Length: 00:05:48

Recorded on: Aug 29, 2020

The True Anwer


In this global online meeting, Gangaji shares unwaveringly that in these tumultuous and uncertain times, filled with change, there is an ever-present silent core within, inviting you to rest and be nourished. She welcomes you back to the unmoving, unconditioned, spaciousness of consciousnes…​

Length: 01:18:18

Recorded on: Aug 29, 2020

The Healing Mirror Podcast


This interview was recorded for the Healing Mirror Podcast in June 2020. Gangaji talks about her meeting with Papaji in India, the GF prison program and the current world situation. The Healing Mirror Podcast  

Length: 00:49:48

Recorded on: Jun 30, 2020

Simply Open


June 20-21, Online Weekend Retreat What does it mean to open to yourself? In these highlights from the June 2020 online weekend, Gangaji leads each participant into a deepening discovery of what means to live a life of true openness. “I invite you to use our time together to discover what…​

Length: 00:41:29

Recorded on: Jun 20, 2020

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