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Gangaji Live on Zoom


While we are keeping our physical distance from each other all over the globe, we can still offer each other our loving support. Gangaji offered a free online meeting on March 22, a time to come together, to share our heartfelt reports and questions, and open to what is here. We are in this…​

Length: 01:10:52

Recorded on: Mar 22, 2020


Naturally, we don’t like feeling the pain of separation or fragmentation. Naturally, we want to fix that. But before you fix it, just take a moment to realize that your capacity to experience fragmentation is not separate from wholeness.

Length: 00:04:41

Recorded on: Nov 8, 2019

Find Out What is Real


October 23, 2019, Mill Valley, CA Even as sincere spiritual seekers, our conditioning sends us on a search to attain something that comes and goes. We want to feel in a state of peace and bliss all the time, to feel expansive and to never feel angry or afraid. The truth is that these are st…​

Length: 01:02:24

Recorded on: Oct 23, 2019


Open Meeting in Berkeley, CA, October 22, 2019 As a society of consumers, we are conditioned to reach for our fulfillment, and this conditioning can naturally leak into our spiritual search. In this video, Gangaji challenges you to honestly inquire: Is your desire for enlightenment driven b…​

Length: 01:12:31

Recorded on: Oct 22, 2019


September 15, 2019, Ashland, OR Are you willing to ask yourself freshly the most fundamental questions: “How am I living my life? Am I betraying myself? Am I discovering myself more deeply? What do I want, finally?” In this meeting Gangaji brings us full circle back to the beginning. …​

Length: 01:20:16

Recorded on: Sep 15, 2019

The End of Not Good Enough - Gangaji and Man with hands in Namaste


August 17, 2019 AM ~ San Rafael, CA For some, the fear of not being good enough can be as big as the fear of death. But what is not good enough? By what standard is that measured? Here Gangaji exposes the inner grim reaper of “not good enough,” and turns it into an ally for freedom. “…​

Length: 01:02:31

Recorded on: Aug 17, 2019


August 17, 2019 PM San Rafael, CA This standout meeting from the 2019 Santa Sabina retreat speaks to what is possible when we really open to the inner depths of our being where everything is new. From an encounter with the truth in all living things, to the clear awareness of “consciousne…​

Length: 00:55:59

Recorded on: Aug 17, 2019

Utterly Simple


August 15, 2019 PM, San Rafael, CA Does your mind tend to seek out simplicity? Or is it more preoccupied with finding and solving complication? Regardless of the complexity of what’s being presented in this meeting, Gangaji points each person back to the utter simplicity of being. “I lo…​

Length: 00:36:43

Recorded on: Aug 15, 2019


Watch all 8 sessions from Gangaji’s silent retreat at Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael, CA, August 14-18, 2019

Length: 01:00:00

Recordings starting: Aug 14, 2019


In this clip from a 2019 silent retreat on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Gangaji offers the opportunity to discover the truth of your being in the simplest and most immediate way…just by inquiring into what is here? She leads a young woman from the realm of conceptualization to…​

Length: 00:10:25

Recorded on: Jul 9, 2019

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