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If you have benefitted from Gangaji’s programs, we invite you to share the gift you have received. Every gift, large or small, matters. Just imagine what it will mean to all of us if we expand the depth and breadth of the website, the prison program, global translations, podcasts, social media and retreat scholarships.

Whether you make a monthly pledge or a one time donation, it is a privilege to ask for your on-going support of this work that lights candles of peace across the globe. Thank you!

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A Thank You Letter from a Scholarship Recipient

“I do so hope this email arrives to the correct department or can be forwarded on.  It is with the deepest of gratitude that I have been awarded this scholarship.

I absolutely love Gangaji, and pay deep tribute to her….This miraculous woman with her voice, took my hand and led me to sanity and loving life, and continues to inspire me with her YouTubes, and her emails. I have learned to treasure every moment that I have left in life, and above all, to love myself. I am now 70 years old, on a pension and have never been in so much at peace in life. Thank you Gangaji. 

I feel my life itself has been enriched mentally, emotionally, and physically by Gangaji, and her consistent quiet voice, her laugh, and her words of love and truth.

In both kindness and care……I send you as much prayer and love that I can possibly send, and the deepest of gratitude.”

Donna C, British Columbia

Giving and Receiving

Immense gratitude for what we’ve been given and the desire for others to enjoy the same happiness and freedom, the joy of serving love, wanting to channel our money in ways that contribute in profound ways to the good of the world…..We’re so fortunate to be participants in “being awakening to itself!”


Eddie & Mary Graham
Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Gangaji, I cannot begin to express my sincere emotional bond that I feel we share due to having joined one another on this path of life. Thank you for all the discoveries you have enabled me to find, by if nothing more than embracing my presence. It’s a sense of comfort to know that I’m not alone, in an otherwise lonely place.


US Prison System

When I donate to the Gangaji Foundation I sense I am sharing and touching God’s sacred work. I receive in my giving.


Margie Bartelt
Oakland, CA

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