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How to End Unnecessary Suffering

Unnecessary Suffering remains as long as there is limited identification with yourself as just a particular body, or a particular history, or the latest evaluation. When your attention shifts to yourself as the consciousness that everything is appearing and disappearing in, your unnecessarily suffering ends. Not your pain, not the pain that arises from compassion or the pain that arises from physical or emotional hurt. When unnecessary suffering ends, there is a resting place. When you know where home is, at any moment, in any circumstance, regardless of emotions or state of mind, in an instant you can return home.

In this video, Gangaji expresses her support for the end of your unnecessary suffering.  "If you haven’t discovered that home is already present in you at every moment, my function is to point your attention there.  If you have discovered it, my function is to challenge any concept you may have about it."

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Gangaji's online events are a continuation of the support she offers in this clip. Meet Gangaji live for a 90-minute online meeting and become a part of a respectful and attuned community participating in the Gangaji Forum. Join today for an intimate look at how simple self-inquiry can break the patterns of unnecessary suffering. The opportunity is to face ourselves directly with an open and curious mind. When we are willing to investigate our thoughts, emotions, and experiences without judgment or an agenda there is a profound discovery: your true face, free and at peace. In this online meeting, Gangaji will share with us the transformative nature of self-inquiry. Shifting our attention from what we think is here to directly experiencing what actually is here gives us the opportunity to live a life rooted in love rather than fear. See Membership Options.

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