Being Yourself

Episode 13: How Will Your Life be Used?

November 10, 2019
We all play many roles in our lives: parent, child, student, seeker, teacher, boss, and many, many more. But what do we want our lives to be used for? In this episode, Gangaji shares her own experience of being in the role of teacher and addresses how the roles we play can serve the deepest truth—the truth of who we are.Being Yourself host, Barbara Denempont, welcomes a special guest this month, Hillary Larson this month. Hillary shares her own experience of roles ending and beginning, and what her journey to the Amazon rain forest revealed to her about finding home.Plus Hillary has a special invitation for you. You can join Hillary in supporting Gangaji’s podcast and other programs through a matching grant. Find out how your monthly pledge can be doubled for a full year. 




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