Free of the Noose: Being Released from Our Egoic Prisons
December 17, 2019,
Episode 14

"The Door is Open." This month Gangaji speaks to the egoic prisons we live our lives in, and how it is possible to recognize the door to freedom that is already open. How can you discover freedom and peace exactly where you are right now, in your current circumstances, without changing anything?

In this episode, Gangaji reads a letter from a former prisoner who she first met in prison in 1994. The letter she reads was sent to her after his release in 1997.

Established in 1994, the Gangaji Foundation Prison Program offers programs that support men and women living behind bars in furthering their spiritual inquiry. Regardless of anyone’s personal circumstance, it is possible to discover the peace and freedom that is alive within all of us.

Discovering freedom inside is the first step in ending the internal wars that can drive our minds, emotions, and unnecessary personal suffering. When we know who we are at the core, we can take real responsibility for our own happiness and our own choices. We may not be physically incarcerated, but the egoic prisons or mental prisons that we live our lives in are not really any different.

Learn more about Gangaji's Prison Program.

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