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Become a member of a global community that comes together once a month for a live 90-minute online meeting where you can have the opportunity to speak directly with Gangaji. Join The Gangaji Forum to come together and share your insights and realizations.


October 13, 2019 11:00 am

“You are naturally already who you are. But when you continually try to avoid, fight, deny or dramatize the pain or suffering in your life, you overlook what is always free of that.”

Gangaji will speak to the real consequence of overlooking who we truly, naturally are. When we misidentify or define ourselves based on our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and circumstances, we get caught in a painful trap that Gangaji calls “the story of me.” Whether that story is relatively positive or negative, we can be consumed with escaping the relative pain and suffering we are experiencing, or with seeking greater pleasure. Seeking any form of escape keeps us on the wheel of suffering rather that simply stopping and being ourselves.

$19 a month

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