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Facing the World We Live In: Letting Go of Control and Meeting Chaos

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April 12, 2020 11:00 am

“The question is, can you live with all the ups and down of the experience of being human and still be conscious of, and nurtured by, the truth of who you are? Yes!”

Join Gangaji for her series of online meetings on facing the world we live in.  The focus is on what it means to live from the ground of love in the wake of difficult circumstances. Whether we are speaking of the human species as a whole or simply being daunted by our own existential fears, we can fully meet whatever is here.

The daily political, environmental, social, and familial circumstances we find ourselves in are mostly out of our control. The momentum of chaos itself may be unstoppable. Given that, what are our true choices? How does awakening matter when it feels things around us are falling apart? This month, Gangaji offers some radically good news as we look at ending our hope of escaping loss and discovering what is solid, permanent, and true, while facing the world we live in.

“This invitation is radically good news. It’s just not what we think it is. The world doesn’t align itself according to our commands.

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