Come Home

Most people find themselves on a spiritual path because they are seeking peace, hoping to find home. Gangaji’s invitation to you is to recognize where home truly is. After so much time spent searching, home is discovered in the last place you thought to look. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, good or bad, worse or better, whatever challenges you face, mentally or emotionally, you can call off your search right now and discover a life-changing truth: “Your natural state is already awake, already free, already that which you seek.”

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Video/Audio Recordings

If you speak to Gangaji during this online program, your likeness will be visible to Gangaji and other participants. Additionally, the audio and video of this program will be recorded. 

Your entering this meeting is considered your consent for the recordings to be made and potentially used on the Gangaji website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email (info@gangaji.org) before entering.

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