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Fallen Leaf Lake Silent Retreat | Canceled



May 26-31, 2020


Stanford Sierra Conference Center
130 Fallen Leaf Road
Fallen Leaf,
United States

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We just received word from the staff of the Stanford Sierra Conference Center that they have decided to keep the property closed through June 19th, 2020. That means Gangaji’s 2020 silent retreat at Fallen Leaf Lake is officially canceled. Naturally, we are sad to lose this opportunity to gather in this beautiful place. We are on their schedule for 2021.


Retreat with Gangaji 

Attending a residential retreat with Gangaji offers a unique opportunity to withdraw from the normal distractions of your everyday life and inquire into what you truly want. With the support of Gangaji, other participants, and beautiful, contemplative settings, you can embark on a deep inner dive of self-discovery. This is the gift of retreat!

A retreat with Gangaji is not a time to fix or change anything about yourself. Actually, it is a time to rest, a time to retreat from any stories you may be telling about yourself, or definitions and identities you have constructed in your imagination.

With self-inquiry, Gangaji draws your attention away from your thoughts and into the direct experience of what is always here and who you truly are—peace itself, consciousness itself. In the willingness to retreat from your search for just one moment, you can profoundly realize you are already home, already free. This is the secret that lies at the heart of retreat.

Throughout the event, Gangaji offers you her deepest support and guidance in meeting yourself fully.

During our time on retreat…

We will meet with Gangaji twice a day to ask questions and share our reports. On silent retreat, we speak only during our meetings with Gangaji.  A retreat with Gangaji may also include silent meditation, chanting and video presentations.

The Fallen Leaf Lake Retreat takes place near South Lake Tahoe, at the Stanford Sierra Conference Center. Our group will have exclusive use of this special property.

This is a residential retreat. Once you have registered with us for your tuition fee, you will need to book your accommodation and meal package directly with the Stanford Sierra Conference Center, using the form that will be sent to you in an email attachment. Please note that accommodation and meal registrations will be processed on a first-come first served basis, and the Stanford Sierra Conference Center will not be taking reservations until Dec. 1st. For all who reserve their spot with us before Dec. 1st, we will send out a reminder at that time. For information on accommodation and meal packages see below.

Please note that everyone is required to register with Stanford Sierra Conference Center.

Room and meals packages include five nights’ lodging, three full buffet meals per day beginning with Sunday dinner and ending with Friday lunch.


Room Type

Lodging  & Meals


Total Cost

Shared Room in Cabin / Shared Bath




Single Room in Cabin / Shared Bath-




Private Cabin / Private Bath — [SOLD OUT]




Lodge Rooms
Double Lodge Rm/Private Bath — [SOLD OUT]




Single Lodge Rm/Private Bath — [SOLD OUT]




Camper (off-site) Facility Fee with Meals




Camper (off-site) Facility Fee without Meals




Special Needs:
While Stanford Sierra is able to provide housing and meals for most individuals with special needs, we need to know about them at least two weeks prior to the retreat in order for Stanford Sierra to have time to see if they can be accommodated. Please include relevant information on the Lodging and Meals Registration Form that you send to Stanford Sierra, and e-mail details to Events at the Gangaji Foundation.

Get Involved
For Members

Before You Register for a Small Group Retreat…

Small Groups retreats are designed for those who want to take a deeper dive into self-inquiry with Gangaji. The size of the retreats is limited to 40 or 50 people, and they are not filmed or recorded. To support the intimacy and depth of each small group retreat, Gangaji asks that you fulfill a simple prerequisite by:

If you have already completed the prerequisite, please tell us how in the form below. For example, if you have attended an event, let us know the date and location.

Once you submit this form, you’ll be able to refresh the page and register for the small group retreat you want to attend. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]

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