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The Longing to be Free
by Gangaji
July 6, 2021

True desire is the desire for reunion with God, or Self—the desire for truth, the desire for an end to suffering. This true desire calls you inward, calls you to silence, calls you to surrender.

True desire is the core of all other distorted and misplaced desires, and until this passion for the truth is recognized and surrendered to, all the distorted imitations of true passion, all the other usual passions of greed, hate, lust, and envy, arise and lead to suffering.

We all know the hell of being tormented by personal desires. We know the desire for more. Eventually, there has to be a recognition that desire is never satisfied through the acquisition and accumulation of objects. This recognition is maturity.

Then you can finally ask yourself, What do I really want? What is it I truly want, finally, so that with the last breath of this lifetime I can honestly say I received what it was I wanted?

Be honest with yourself. Ruthlessly honest. Do you want to be free? Do you really want to realize the absolute truth of who you are?

If you just want a nice spiritual high, that is somewhat like putting your toe into the ocean. It feels very good, and the ocean doesn’t mind if you put your toe in. Yet you have the possibility of diving into the ocean of truth totally, with no hope of reemerging.

Put all thoughts about it aside and allow yourself to be the longing. Make no separation between you and the longing itself. When met directly, longing reveals that which is longed for.

This longing for freedom is a great gift. It is the longing of the soul, and it will continue until, without a shadow of a doubt, you are submerged in the Beloved.


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