Art of Living Retreat Center
The Freedom Alive In You 
Weekend Retreat

July 1-3, 2022

Gangaji will lead the program virtually. Join members of her staff on campus or participate online.

“ I am here to support you in discovering the depth of true freedom that is already alive within you.”

Our Focus for this Retreat

No one can prevent the experience of pain in this life, but we can consciously end our patterns of unnecessary suffering. Through self-inquiry, we can realize the true peace and freedom alive within each of us. When we are willing to tell the truth to ourselves, we have the opportunity to live our lives from the ground of being instead of being rooted in our fears. The only apparent obstacle to that immediate realization is the habit of perpetuating our unnecessary suffering by following our negative, anxiety-promoting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.   

During this retreat, Gangaji will lead us in self-inquiry to: 

  • Investigate the unexamined beliefs, thoughts, and narratives we habitually follow
  • Uncover the fears that underlie repetitive negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of self-hatred
  •  Deepen our capacity to face strong emotions without acting them out or repressing them
  • Develop a strength of mind, and experience their true nature, free of definitions


Ways to Attend

You have the choice to attend online from wherever you are, or immerse yourself in the sanctuary of this tranquil retreat center set amidst 380 acres of pristine forest high up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Gangaji will join you there virtually.

In Daily Meetings with Gangaji, your questions and reports are welcome and essential to the vitality of the retreat.

Our time together may also include meditation, chanting and video presentations.

Watch a short video presentation to hear more from Gangaji about what retreat offers.

Retreat Schedule & Info

July 1 - 3, 2022 PDT
Hybrid Event
Online and Onsite
Art of Living Retreat Center
Event Fee
Tuition $295
Check in and Meeting Schedule
Scholarship Info

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Important Information About this Retreat

While Gangaji will be leading the program virtually, you can join members of the Gangaji Foundation on-campus and immerse fully in the experience of this exquisite retreat center, or register to participate online.
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