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Partnering in Peace - An Update

A few weeks ago I announced that two generous GF donors had stepped forward to match the contributions of all new monthly donors for one year. We are thrilled to be saying THANK YOU to them and to all of our 42 new monthly donors. Wow! In just these few weeks, we have come together to build and multiply our capacity to support and serve peace.
The true meaning of this generosity was apparent at the Fallen Leaf Lake retreat. In a very special moment, two scholarship recipients shared their heartfelt gratitude. One recipient had met Gangaji through the Prison Program. It was his first time to meet her face-to-face. His gratitude is the confirmation that the gifts given are received in a deep and true way.
Those serving within and through Gangaji’s Foundation play an essential role that Gangaji could never play. We can share with others the same opportunity we were given: to know the ever-present peace that is alive in the heart of all being.
If your life has somehow been touched by Gangaji and her programs, I invite you to share that gift with the world.
Lorraine Wilson, GF Board Member


What your gift means…


…We will fulfill every prisoner’s request for books, audios and videos and the monthly Freedom Inside course

…Scholarships will be awarded for every retreat as well as Gangaji’s online programs

…Gangaji’s podcasts, A Conversation with Gangaji and Epiphany, are freely available

…Gangaji’s invitation is available in many languages through our translation program

…We can be responsive to new technologies that bring us all closer together

…Gangaji’s website and archival library of videos remain an invaluable resource