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Workbook for Prisoners

This month sees the publication of the first in a series of workbooks design for those participating in Freedom Inside, a course in Self-Inquiry with Gangaji. Up to now we've been sending a monthly newsletter to inmates enrolled in the course, and this will continue. Now the first seven newsletters have been combined into a spacious and beautifully designed workbook that prisoners can keep and share. It combines teaching articles by Gangaji, letters from prisoners, and spaces to work on specially focused inquiry questions.


This workbook is the combined effort of Gangaji,  Barbara Denempont who is the director of the program, and Christiane Gude. Christiane has volunteered her remarkable skill as a designer and her own photography, to produce a visually gorgeous book that will bring a clear transmission of Gangaji's teaching to men and women behind bars. We asked her for a few words about what this work has meant to her.



"This book flowed from the many arms of the Ganga through my heart and soul back into the Ganga. It is an honor to represent Gangaji’s striking clarity with imagery that I continuously shoot. I used colors that jab gently, a simple layout and typography to give space to the unspeakable that is conveyed in this priceless and precious course of ruthless Self-Inquiry. May it serve. Thank you Ramana, Papaji and Gangaji! May all beings transcend all prison bars and recognize what is transmitted here." Christiane Gude












To learn more about Gangaji's prison program visit this page, or make a donation in support of this program.