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The Gift of Gangaji’s Message in Our Daily Lives

As you may know, Gangaji has been in New Zealand sharing the gift of her message with many. She recently did an interview with Liz Gunn, a local radio host. I found the content so incredibly insightful.


You may have heard Gangaji speak about some of the topics in this interview before, but I have discovered that whatever she is saying is always fresh. In this particular conversation, simply being reminded that we can choose where we want to focus our attention replaces any fear that may be present with gratitude. I found this interview to be so rich, with the truth weaving its way throughout the conversation. Perhaps you will too.


Have you ever noticed, at times, when life throws us a curve ball, we can go down the rabbit hole along with our old conditioning, and everything we know to be true seems to take a back seat? In my case, it was the loss of a job I had for many years. But it can be a person, or a role we play in life, or anything that has the ability to come and go that we identify with.  A void seems to be present and it can be uncomfortable, to say the least.


Gangaji says in this interview that while the body may experience a reaction to what comes and goes, we always have a choice as to whether or not we want to follow the narrative that arises with those feelings. The nuggets of wisdom she shares provide the support for us to navigate our way through the challenges and objects that come and go in our daily lives.


In my particular situation, I discovered when I return to what is true, the story falls away, there is no void, no need for a reference point, and I am free. And all that took when I was really in the thick of it, and I don’t say this lightly, was a simple reminder of what is true from Gangaji.



We would love to hear your experience of what remains when life throws you curve balls, and how you discover what is always here.  How the truth weaves it’s way through your daily life. You can write to me at lorraine@gangaji.org.  


Endless love and gratitude,