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Community News

The Gift of Volunteers

It’s been just over a week since Gangaji held a public meeting for the community in Vancouver.  I’m happy to report that I’m still overflowing with joy! It is such a gift to witness the community coming together to prepare for a meeting. In addition to our volunteer team, our local bookstore, Banyen Books partnered with us for the evening and Gangaji stayed to also do a book signing.


Events of this nature don’t just happen without the love and support from our volunteers.  As the event organizer, I felt truly blessed to have many people help to do everything from putting out 200 chairs theatre style to greeting volunteers as they arrive. And, then there was Melanie who provided the gift of her photography to capture the evening. Jenn from Vancouver said, “It was such an honour to volunteer for Gangaji, how lucky we are that she came to Vancouver. I hope she comes back again.”


A Rich and Vibrant Meeting

The meeting was rich and vibrant. A wide variety of people, of all ages, attended. Those that went up to speak with Gangaji shared their desire for freedom and talked about what was stopping them from experiencing freedom in their lives.  Gangaji also spoke about the impact loss and grief has in our lives and how to let it all be HERE without the need to push it away or indulge it. The meeting was recorded. So if you would like to purchase a download of it, just click here.



As a member of the Board of Directors for the Gangaji Foundation, I also get to witness the many volunteers who offer their services in many ways. For example, people volunteer to translate the meetings into a variety of languages so we can add subtitles to dozens of YouTube clips, others provide their technical expertise for our website, still others correspond with prisoners through the Prison Program or help out at the Foundation offices in Ashland.


We are so incredibly grateful to have such a beautiful network of volunteers around the world who are serving peace through the gift of volunteering. There is no doubt about it ~ love of peace is what brings us together and, in my experience, it’s an exquisite meeting being with others who are serving in this way.


On behalf of everyone, I extend our endless love and gratitude to you.