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Gangaji in the Palm of Your Hand

Gangaji in the Palm of Your Hand

I can’t even imagine - if those quotes had such an effect on me - how they would light up the souls of new, open-hearted people who come across this app and Gangaji’s teachings for the first time.”


Hello everyone,


I’m super excited to share the good the news that we now have a Gangaji App that provides wisdom from Gangaji in the palm of your hand.  Thanks to the passion and technical expertise from Zubin Matthai, Kelly Harrison and Ilene Gregorian, this App has the ability to offer daily inspirational quotes, meditations, YouTube videos, and so much more.


Earlier this year I was at a Gangaji public meeting in Mill Valley when Ilene came up to me to talk about an idea she had: had we ever considered an App to make Gangaji’s message more available?  The truth is, we had. Time and money were the key obstacles holding us back from developing such a product. When I shared this with Ilene she mentioned that her friend Kelly, who was attending the meeting with her, was also in the IT business. With their skill set they offered to work together to help develop an App.  And they did. However, there was one more piece of the puzzle missing, and that was an expert to do the coding.  In walked our longtime sangha member Zubin.  Our App angels had arrived.  They worked on the project for over six months weaving their way through several iterations. Researching, developing, and testing until they had this exquisite, unique App ready for launch.


I recently spoke to them about the experience they had as a result of creating this incredible gift. Ilene said, “The project was so effortless. It was such a graceful process, from beginning to end. So many people helped and the support was overwhelming."


Kelly added, “It was important for me to design Gangaji’s App so it had a beautiful, natural feel. It’s a feast for your soul because of what the words say along with the beautiful images.  I have the App programed to send me a quote every day and everything just falls away. It’s a great use of technology.”


Both of them also felt it was important to let the sangha know how welcomed they felt bringing this idea forward for discussion.  They had no idea how much support they would get from the Gangaji Foundation to share their expertise in support of the undeniable commitment they both have to this precious truth that lives them every day. They wanted to make sure I shared that if you have experience or an idea that can serve Gangaji’s message throughout the world, simply step forward and connect with us.  We walk beside them in this invitation to you as well.


Last but certainly not least, there was Zubin who was doing countless hours of relentless coding and testing until the App was approved by Apple. The Android version is being worked on and will be released in the coming weeks


I’ve been trying to find the words that would convey how grateful we are to all of them for making this gift available to all, but I think Zubin sums it up perfectly.


“Whenever I would make coding changes to the App, I’d have to start it up to test it, and I couldn’t help but first spend a few minutes stepping through the quotes. The preciousness seeping out from behind those words immediately quieted my mind, sinking me to a more peacefully focused place to work from. I can’t even imagine — if those quotes had such an effect on me — how they would light up the souls of new, open-hearted people who come across this app and Gangaji’s teachings for the first time.”


Our endless heartfelt love and gratitude to you all Ilene, Kelly and Zubin.




PS Thank you to Dan Dhruva Baumbach and Jasmin Lace for the stunning photography they donated, and to Kirtana for the use of the musical intro to the meditations. To download the app for iOs devices (iphone and ipad) go to the App Store. An Android version will be released soon.