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Thank You Boulder Team

This is the 2017 Boulder Team (If we somehow missed your name please let us know.)

Michele Sondheimer, Dhruva (Dan) Baumbach, John Arnoldo, David Edgar, Tom, Dave Shade Abby Stason, (borrowed from the Bay Area), Susan Decher Chaya Baumbach, Megan Zubaedi, John (Maha) Small, Susan Carabello, Jeanne Powell (Clearheart), Constance Roth, Michelle Lundquist, Bonnie Hall, Diane Ward, Cindy Bagaus, Risa Booze, Donna Nelson, Ron (Ram) Zeiler, John Parr, Sally (Shivaya Ma) Ruane, Lina Scharfe, John Scharfe, Chandra Devi.


We wanted to thank you all by name, and the many more, including dear departed friends, who have been a part of this team as it has formed and reformed over the years.


Boulder was the first community to invite Gangaji to give satsang 25 years ago. It is where the Gangaji Foundation began and many of the people volunteering today or in the room for satsang this month have been there since the beginning. The support and committment that has emerged from this community has fuelled the posbility for Gangaji to give satsang all over the world. We stand on your shoulders and we thank you for the immeasurable gift you have given us all.





You might recognize a few of these guys! From the early 1990s. We love you all!




For photos of the recent events click here