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Freedom Inside: A Course for Prisoners is Blooming

About Freedom Inside


The inspiration for this project was Adrian, a former prisoner and participant in the GF Prison Program. He made a simple suggestion: offer prisoners a course. It is now a monthly offering for prisoners called Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry. With the community’s support, it is taking off. Here is a report from Barbara Denempont, who is working each month with Gangaji to write content and see that it reaches those behind bars who are ready to receive it.


Since January 2017, 276 men and women living behind bars in 35 states have signed on for the free course. We are receiving more inquiries every week. The conversation is very alive from California to West Virginia!


For the first time, Gangaji is in an on-going conversation with prisoners across the country. Each month prisoners receive a newsletter by mail that focuses on a topic. It offers them key inquiries and includes prisoners’ letters and reports. In the first issue, Gangaji addressed willingness. In the latest issue, she dives deeply into the subject of emotions.


“There is often a startling power in our feelings. Because emotions are what give a story its life—its juice, it’s very important to be able to discover what we are actually feeling.”


The GF Prison Program unequivocally demonstrates true freedom can be realized no matter what our personal situation may be, inside or out. We look forward to sharing more about this program as it blooms. While it is being offered to prisoners, we all benefit when this invitation finds its way into a one-man cell in a Arkansas maximum-security prison. Karl writes….


“I’d like to thank you for sending me the books I’ve requested. You have no idea, or maybe you do, how they have helped me in my endeavors and knowledge of Truth. I’ve never, and I feel I can say this in humility, covered so much ground with the spiritual knowledge I’ve received in such a short time as this. And all praises, glory and honor to Self. Thank you Ramana for shedding your grace. So charitable for it to come all the way to us through Gangaji by divine circumstances.”


Learn more about the program including how to become a Prison Program correspondent.


And here is a look at the first issue that went out to prisoners: