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Strength and Solace in Community

Our beautiful Bay Area community came together in February to support each other and Gangaji. Finding solace in these testing times by resting in the blessings and grace of satsang, and the joy of each other's company, the Bay Area volunteers and donors gathered for a communtiy meeting and pot luck, before hosting an Open Meeting with Gangaji. Here is a note from our regional team leaders, Janet Jonte and Abby Stason.
"Our gratitude overflows for all of you and for your participation in creating a beautiful, loving, and laughter-filled gathering in Mill Valley. A deep-hearted THANK YOU for all your efforts making set up, clean up, and tear down absolutely smooth and seamless. As one of you said “many moths drawn to the same flame: truth."  Yes! This was our shared experience throughout the day.
From you we heard: "Saturday’s event was a heartening reminder to me of the strength of a community committed to Truth. I'm grateful that we can support one another in accessing the deep peace that is our true nature."
Abby and I both feel that being invited to serve in this way is truly a gift. We receive so much in return. There is no end to this gift!
From Abby: “It’s not a question of WILL I serve, it’s always HOW will I serve. To be with everyone feels fresh, refreshing, with a resounding YES! for Gangaji, the teachings, the community. I see me in all of you, and this carries with me as I am in the world. I am humbled by all of you."
From Janet: "What a delight! Re-uniting with old friends and meeting new ones, working together to transform the gym into a beautiful meeting space. And then, to share the exquisite moment of relaxing into silence, sitting together with Gangaji! There is such strength and solace in community. I'm left with a sense of profound peace and clarity of mind from sharing this love and support with you all."
There is no one in the world like Gangaji, and just as we are at her feet, we are at yours as well. We are here and at your service.
With Love and Gratitude,
Janet and Abby
If you would like to ba a part of the team that volunteers to bring Gangaji to the Bay Area, please email us. To become a one time or monthly donor click here
Read the beautiful thank you letter sent to the community of volunteers and donors by Janet and Abby

Dearest Sangha,

We are so grateful to have shared such a rich and loving community gathering at Strawberry last month. Strawberry is a location filled with legacy – so much history! It’s as if we can hear the halls talking – all those people who have gathered there over the years in celebration of peace. To be together with Gangaji in this way is exquisite and priceless.

Putting together a volunteer gathering and meeting with Gangaji at Strawberry literally takes a village! Thanks to all of you for such a smooth set up in a location that is very labor intensive. Tom Hoffman said it best: “it’s a place where we have to touch the chairs twice”. With so many moving parts it’s a very full day. From the set-up group moving the bleachers, unloading the van, moving chairs, carrying so many heavy boxes, setting up the bookstore, the info and welcome table, bringing flowers to make the hall beautiful...you make it look easy and fun. So nice to have team members from both Ashland and the Bay Area, working together.

Special thanks to the kitchen team and all of you who brought delicious dishes for our potluck gathering! Amazing how quickly the gym is transformed into a welcoming sanctuary, where we can connect on a deeper level with the community.  

We want to send a huge-hearted personal thank you for being there, volunteering, being who you are. It’s you who makes these events possible and so very special. And those of you who came to Berkeley to help at Sunday’s meeting with Gangaji were crucial to making the event go smoothly. It was a very full weekend…overflowing with love. So good to connect again after such a long, dark winter! 

We look forward to seeing you in the year ahead. Connected in love; true to truth. So thankful for the support of Gangaji and our extended community!


In Love and Gratitude,

Abby and Janet