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The Seriousness of Your Intent
by Gangaji
March 31, 2022

“When there is seriousness of intent for real inner freedom, then comes the recognition that nothing is more important than this freedom.”

The Seriousness of Your Intent

Once you have tasted the truth of your being, you know where true home can always be found. You also know that the destiny of your life has somehow, mysteriously, luckily, been touched by the power of grace. This is a huge and life-changing moment.

After that moment, there usually begins a great struggle, and that is the struggle with conditioned existence, learned existence, and imagined existence. Once again, the experience of the power of the mind will rise up with thoughts of limitation and separation, and the vastness and the purity of that moment of grace will begin to recede into the background of conscious awareness.

I know that everyone reading this is familiar with this struggle. It is the human condition. From that struggle the living question becomes: What is the force that can truly penetrate the struggle and the confusion, that can end the war ever after?

I have traveled the globe for over thirty years, speaking with people from every spiritual tradition and every walk of life. I have been in prisons, and I have been in churches. I have spoken with intellectuals and with the uneducated. And I have found that grace leaves its mark everywhere. Grace has no concern for karma or tradition or accomplishment or conceptual understanding.

Whether grace itself finds its way into your mind and heart is not your responsibility. It is not something that can be controlled or directed by you. Can anyone honestly say that they’ve done anything to deserve grace?

What is your responsibility to grace?

Let us make the healthy assumption that you have done nothing to deserve grace and yet still, if you tell the truth, you have at some point in your life been touched by the power of grace. Now, what is your responsibility to grace? When that moment mysteriously, even randomly, occurs, what is your responsibility to the vastness of pure consciousness making itself known?

What I call your responsibility, I also call “seriousness of intent.” This means, what is the degree of seriousness in your intent to be free, to break through conditioned existence and surrender fully to the force of grace.

I don’t mean seriousness as something dour or heavy. It can definitely be joyous in the depths of its seriousness, but it is not trivial. If your intention to realize the truth of your being is trivial, then there is no possibility of breakthrough. There is no possibility of unwinding  past conditioning, because then grace becomes just another concept, just another “thing,” rather than the true causeless peace that is forever alive within you.

Nothing is more important than this freedom

When there is seriousness of intent to really be free, there is the recognition that nothing is more important than this freedom. Nothing. Not your pleasure, not your pain, not your health, not your relationships, not your accomplishments, not your defeats, not your failures, not your understanding. Nothing. Nothing is more important. When nothing is more important than your intention to realize freedom, the waves part. Then conditioned existence has no hold. The only hold that conditioned existence has in your mind is the importance that you give it. And by “it” I mean everything you think will make you happy—physically, mentally, and emotionally—as well as everything you have been previously conditioned to believe about who you are. If any of that is more important than the desire for the deepest truth, then it is time to ask yourself again, with all seriousness and genuine humility, What do I want? What is it that I truly want when all is said and done? Do I want peace, love, and freedom, or do I just want a better version of my personal story?

Opening the door to a peace beyond all understanding

We are always and only inquiring into the possibility of full and complete self-recognition. We are opening the door to a peace beyond all understanding. So the seriousness that is demanded is complete. It must be the priority of your life. If it isn’t, then your conditioned desires will always have more power.

If you desire a good relationship more than you desire peace and freedom, you will probably one day find a good relationship. Your happiness however, or lack thereof, will also be bound by that relationship. If what you desire more than anything is a beautiful place to live, then even when you find that beautiful place to live, you may very well still find yourself miserable. We have latent and blatant ideas of what it is that will make us happy, so that even when the grace of true self dawns within our consciousness, we have a tendency to cling to those learned desires.

Even just for this one moment, surrender

I am asking you to profoundly examine what your motivation is, what you are really, seriously intent upon. Because if you discover pockets of intent that have nothing to do with freedom, with truth, with lasting peace, then you have a choice to shift your attention back to what is truly wanted.

If you really want true peace and freedom, you can begin to recognize that any other desire bleeds attention away from the potential for that freedom, that peace that is here within you right now, if only you will surrender to it. Even just for this one moment, surrender every other desire but the one desire for freedom, and then see.


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