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Selection on Facing the World we Live in
by Gangaji
March 8, 2019

The following selections from Gangaji's writings about the facing the world we were chosen by Steve Miller. To read more about Steve and his work with forest restoration.


I can sense an urgency in the world to fix the horrors, to do something to help, but these noble efforts are ultimately useless unless each of us is willing to stop adding to suffering by ending the war within ourselves. When there is a desire to end that war and a responsibility is felt to end that war, then our lives can be truly used in service to this earth and to each other.

I’m not talking about being used so that we can get some relief from our anger or fear or despair; but to truly be used in service to love because we are here, we are present, we are awake, aware, and we are no longer distracted by some internal war or some story of past or future. And when we aren’t distracted by endless strategies of running toward what we think we want or running away from what we think we don’t want; when we are able to be still, to choose peace within our own minds and hearts, an enormous force of energy and attention is then freed. Only then will we see what can truly become of this earth.

Throughout history great civilizations have slid into darkness many times, and all of the great aspects of those civilizations have been lost, many times, more times than we even know. But if we are willing, in this very moment, to take responsibility for our own depth of awakening, for our own authentic peace, then at least one spot on Mother Earth is at peace, is free. And when it is possible for you, you recognize the possibility for all.

~ from Our Responsibility for Peace


When we are overly attached to the narration of the trials we may be suffering (we being we as individuals, we as families and communities, we as nations, and we all living beings on the planet), we lose the capacity to recognize and investigate possible openings. Not all openings may lead to the solutions needed, but all can be investigated, and the more we are willing to investigate the openings that are here, the more possibilities for true solutions. The more we are open to investigate, the closer we are to redemption.

The problems facing our planet and our national and local communities are not so simple. But the principle remains the same in both simplicity and complexity. When we are bound to our stories of suffering, we are not free to see and receive creative help. We try the same old solutions, in varied dress with varied names, and for some period of time have a sense of resolution. But if the solution is ultimately false, resolution is temporary.

~ from Hidden Treasure: Uncovering The Truth In Your Life Story



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