Gangaji's Blog
Letting the World into your Heart
by Gangaji
December 22, 2020

In this time of global distress, individual awakening is increasingly urgent. Awakening is essential if we are to recognize the patterns of hatred and blame that go on within our own minds, and which in turn are reflected into the world. We can’t wait for anyone else to stop. Our own projections have to stop.

We each have the power to stop the cycle of war projected both inwardly and outwardly. We each have the power to stop any remnants of the battle between ego and superego, my religion and your religion, my color and your color, my gender and your gender, my agenda and your agenda.

The invitation to stop is absolutely radical, and stopping is absolutely effortless. You can stop, right now. You can take full responsibility for the recognition of what is already unconditionally at peace within you right now. Nothing is needed from the past, the present, or the future to augment that peace. You can accept the responsibility to be true to that—not as a theory, an abstraction, or more mental punishment. Simply surrender the mind to peace. The possibility of surrender can be found in whatever emotion, circumstance, fear, or hope is appearing, without resorting to the habitual pattern of making war with it.

In this very moment, you no longer have to try to figure out how to fix the world or fix yourself. I am asking you to find the willingness to take the totality into your heart, and to see if your heart has a limit.

Are you ready to experience the naked, raw truth of the fragility of life forms and how quickly they can end, unexpectedly, even horribly, and the suffering that reverberates from that ending? To directly experience that fragility and suffering is to welcome the whole truth. To accept the invitation is to be still in whatever is arising and to tell the truth about what remains permanently here, in peace and in love.

In this moment in time, we can finally recognize how much is unknown politically, economically, culturally, and globally. We can seize the opportunity to meet that unknown-ness and discover the indefinable fulfillment that is forever unknowable.

Wherever you find yourself, you are invited at this moment to stop and recognize the sublime truth of who you are. This truth can always be found in surrendered unknowingness, but it is often covered by the concept of me or mine. The choice then is to be true to truth or to turn from it once again.

You can actually experience the fullness of peace in this moment, here, right now, regardless of circumstances. You can discover the joy that includes pain, the love that includes hate, the peace that includes war, the wholeness that includes fragmentation.


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