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Fulfillment and Responsibility
by Gangaji
November 9, 2019

Once an awakening has occurred in the boundless, unconditional freedom of our true nature, is there then a responsibility to live a certain way in the world?

When you are called home, when you are somehow struck by the absolutely mysterious and irrevocable desire to know the truth of who you are, then you must be willing to put aside every story of separation. Every story of separation is a story of war.

Human beings have been making war in every culture for endless time. Culture is a reflection of the individual mind, and the individual mind is a reflection of the cultural mind. Since you are reading this, I assume you are interested in peace in your own mind. You are not waiting for them to make peace. This is good news because war is fought to get others to do it our way so that we can live in peace. When you stop waiting for them, and instead shift your attention to your own mind, then you can recognize the tendency toward war in your own mind, the tendencies of totalitarianism, hate, revenge, and dominance. And you can recognize the suffering that those tendencies continue to deliver.

Our planet at this time is in dire need of the qualities of acceptance and inclusion. We must recognize the sanctity of all life, including the earth, each other, and our political, cultural, and religious differences. This sanctity includes unconditional acceptance of self. If you are willing to accept yourself, you love yourself. If you are willing to truly know yourself, you see yourself everywhere. What you love you attend to, you don’t abuse.

When we accept difference, we find sameness, whether in a different gender, race, culture, age, or belief.

Now is the time to welcome all of life into our hearts and to recognize the inherent, accepting peace that each one of us can be responsible for now, on this planet.

Wherever you may find yourself, whatever your circumstances, you can take a moment to ask yourself: Who am I, in truth? What is my responsibility as a human being on this planet, and in my own community, at this time? What is true? As a human being, with human consciousness, you have the capacity to self-reflect, to truly inquire, and in that inquiry is the very real opportunity for consciousness to awaken to itself.

Whatever horrors may be going on around the planet – the wars, the terrorism, the slavery and barbarism that still exist today – they are not separate from the horrors that go on within our own minds. If we can recognize in our individual lives how we resist surrender, how we resist our vulnerability, how we grapple daily for power or control, then we will see how it is we go to war daily, how we support war, and how we fight war with more war.

If we are willing to take responsibility for ending the war on just this one spot of Mother Earth (you!), then we are actually available to effect bigger change. To be peace is to offer peace. Who knows how we will be used?


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