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Forever Free of Brokenness
by Gangaji
December 2, 2019

Are you willing to discover that you are already whole, no matter the state of your body, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, or your circumstances?

While self-improvement can be very useful for your body and your mind, I can tell you with all confidence that if you think you have to fix yourself to come home to yourself, this is not true. It’s a dangerous lie that will cause you to suffer unnecessarily.

Since many of us live in a psycho/spiritual fix-it sub-culture, the possibility of stopping trying to fix ourselves can be felt as very threatening. Consequently, rather than investigating the possibility of real freedom, we continue with our habitual and often unconscious pursuit to improve our bodies, minds, and circumstances in the hope that this will somehow bring us closer to the truth.

To discover this eternal truth you must look into what is deeper and more present than even the functions of your body (the biggest identity that we have). You must look deeper than the functions of your mind (including your thoughts and emotions), and deeper than the particulars of your circumstances.

If something in your life feels broken, I would say that it is absolutely appropriate and recommended that you work on fixing it. It’s appropriate to fix your body when it’s broken and unwell. It’s appropriate to fix your mind, including medication if it is necessary or helpful. Fix your circumstances if you are able. But no matter what your circumstances, or mental states, or body’s degree of sickness or health, what is always whole is always here—the endless ground of being, your own true presence. The truth of who you are is not subject to being broken and therefore not subject to being fixed.

Often when we feel prodded internally or externally to perfect and fix ourselves, it is actually a way of escaping the deep sense that something is missing, wrong, or incomplete, and we hope that if we can just somehow fill that black hole, the abyss of what it means to be an imperfect form, then we won’t be tormented. Yet all the while we are trying to fill this black hole, this abyss of perceived lack, we are overlooking what the discomfort is trying to call our attention to.

I invite you to stop telling whatever story you have of attainment or lack of attainment, whatever tales of success or failure, and simply turn your attention to this felt sense of imperfection. You are naturally already who you are. You have the full capacity to discover the immaculate fullness of who you truly are in the core. You don't need to perfect anything to discover that. It's already perfect.

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