Are you hiding from what you truly want?

What is your deepest longing? Where are you looking to fulfill that longing? Many people are drawn to a spiritual search because what they truly long for seems to elude them. What they are really looking for is themselves, and it has been here all along. All that is required is to stop, open, and let yourself be found.

Is the Longing the Problem?

Maybe you have a deep longing for connection, for truth, for love, for yourself. When investigated, is this longing really the problem? When you inquire into this longing, what is here?

What does it really mean to give up the search and let yourself be found?

What Do You Truly Want?

How has the longing for freedom shown up in your life? Gangaji's message is to stop searching, right where you are, and turn your attention to what is alive in your own heart.

Papaji used to say, you cannot make realization happen, but you can make yourself a big target so that realization finds you. The best way to make yourself a target is to be still. What you have been hiding from your whole life has been here all along.