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From a recent online weekend with Gangaji. In this fresh moment of really inquiring within the truth itself is revealed.

Length: 00:06:57

Recorded on: Aug 1, 2021


What is your deepest longing? How has the longing for freedom shown up in your life? Gangaji's message is to stop searching, right where you are, and turn your attention to what is alive in your own heart.

Length: 00:10:23

Recorded on: Jul 11, 2021


A Public Meeting with Gangaji, June 25, 2021

Length: 1:18:15

Recorded on: Jun 25, 2021


Gangaji examines the roots of racism in America in our basic drive for survival and in the dynamic of the schoolyard bully and his gang. She asks us to consider, "What has your role been in the brutality of controlling others' lives? How have you been complicit?" To say "No, enough," is a c…​

Length: 00:22:28

Recorded on: Jun 13, 2021


Hosted by East West Bookshop in Seattle, an Online Open Meeting with Gangaji, recorded on March 27, 2021.

Length: 01:22:09

Recorded on: Mar 27, 2021


Each of us has the opportunity to give up fixing ourselves and directly discover what has always been whole and fulfilled, what has always been here, and is in truth, who you are. Gangaji's Weekend, Falling Into Yourself, March 6-7, 2021.


Recordings starting: Mar 6, 2021


January 7, 2021, Interview This interview was recorded for the Shift Networks Global Mystics Summit.

Length: 00:43:44

Recorded on: Jan 7, 2021



In the Beginning January 3, 2021, Global Online Gathering In this global gathering marking the beginning of 2021, Gangaji invites you to meet her in the ever-freshly unfolding truth of who you are. These beautiful reports and inquiries shared from people across the globe exemplify that it's…​

Length: 01:12:08

Recorded on: Jan 3, 2021


In this clip from an online weekend with Gangaji, Gangaji examines what is self-inquiry, and how it can be really relevant for you, in your life, in this time. In the moment of true inquiry, there is a surrender to the deepest mystery of who you are. Gangaji goes on to introduce her teacher…​

Length: 00:07:22

Recorded on: Oct 25, 2020


Watch all four sessions of Gangaji's Online Weekend, plus two bonus clips that were featured during the weekend.

Length: 00:00:00

Recordings starting: Oct 3, 2020

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