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The Call Home and Other Life Passages


With Gangaji Online Course - October 2016 – May 2017

In the realm of human experience, there are moments in our lives we consider pivotal or archetypal, moments that cut across all cultural, social, and economic boundaries. Some call them passages, lessons, or initiations, but their nature is life changing. They are transcendent gateways in the mystery.


Beginning this fall, the With Gangaji program will bring us together from all parts of the world to explore the real meaning of these life passages and the role they play in self-realization.


We all share experiences of birth, death, free will, choice, denial, sacrifice, resurrection, the search, separation, slaying the dragon, the return, facing doubt, temptations, surrender. These experiences have been written about in every sacred scripture, in every culture. These experiences are our teachers. It is no matter if someone has had a pristine spiritual path their whole life, or has been drunk their whole life, these moments are inevitable, so how will we meet them? Death cannot be avoided. Choice is ever-present. They are like crumbs on a trail that lead you back home.


They are part of an ancient language that points us back to that which precedes spokenness and reveals that we are and always have been home.


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October – Bringing It All Home (Webcast & In-Person Retreat)

"I am Life."—Gangaji

In both the Sunday webcast, and the 5-day in person retreat exclusively for With Gangaji members, Gangaji shares her realization of pure and limitless consciousness and the core of her teaching: “What you truly want is what you truly have.” She speaks to silent awareness, consciousness, and human consciousness. Our time together is dedicated to truly being “home.”


November – The Great Mistake (or the Original Sin)
This session speaks to living a life under the assumption that one is an entity separate from consciousness. This is perhaps the most fundamental of archetypal themes in Western civilization - separation from God. How do we experience separation? How do we generate a “separate” identity in the mind? We examine the ego and its powers of objectification, conceptualization and imagination


December – The Search

"I am looking for the face I had before the world was made." —Yeats

When longing arises in the wake of the suffering of separation, we can have a true and unconditional longing for God or Self. The ancient human endeavor of seeking to satisfy that longing may be true and earnest, but often our search is actually driven by the pleasure/pain principle. We seek to escape pain and experience pleasure or, ultimately, salvation. We examine our true motives for God, and where and we turn to in our search.


January – Disillusionment and the Dark Night of the Soul

Gangaji leads us in a conversation about the pivotal and archetypal moment of facing the abyss often called "the dark night of the soul." In this crucial life moment, we can ask ourselves, “What do I truly want? And what am I willing to sacrifice for it?” Do we want comfort or true, causeless happiness that is beyond our control?


February – Strengthening the Lazy Mind for Self-Inquiry

“One drop of truth can outweigh an ocean of lies.” —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
We take this month to go deeper into the crucible of disillusionment, to the moment of ending our search. The requirement is willingness and a ruthless, non-judgmental truth telling. Are we really willing to tell the truth to ourselves fully and soberly? This is the great moment of readiness and maturity required for true surrender.

March – The Search Is Over. Now, What Is Here? Weekend Retreat and Webcast
When we stop searching, even for just a moment, a fresh possibility arises. We have a crucial opportunity to finally face what we have run from, and to turn and meet the “monster.” This month we examine our strategies of escape, avoidance and rejection. Instead of continuing the search, we can turn our attention inward, to this moment. From our direct experience, we can ask and answer the essential question, “What is here?” It is a revelation.

April – Realization & Redemption

“All that is required to realize the Self is to “Be Still.”
Ramana's essential instruction: be still. In this willingness to be unmoving, we discover there is no dragon to slay. This is the moment of discovering true freedom, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We experience a fulfilling redemption the moment we recognize what truly matters can never be lost or taken.

May – The Temptation of Suffering
In the wake of realization, immediately we are confronted with the temptation to return to our patterns of suffering. In just following a single thought, the entire cycle of suffering begins anew. How do we build our resolve to be true to ourselves? How do we choose truth over personal suffering? Papaji called it “nonabidance in the mind anywhere.” If we continue to suffer, we have to ask ourselves, what do we believe? What are we protecting or defending?