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Living An Ordinary Life In Truth


With Gangaji Monthly Webcast – Course Description


During her monthly webcast, Gangaji brings us together from all parts of the world to explore how it is we live out our daily lives, and remain true to what we have discovered.


Connect with Gangaji and a global community every month for a 90-minute live webcast.


Ask Gangaji your question by phone during the webcast, and then share your realizations and reports anytime on our community forum.


Upcoming Topics



November – January - Who Are You in Relationship?

Three-part series on relationship


Being in relationship as a partner, a parent, a child, a teacher or student, an employee or a boss provides us with some of the most fundamental challenges of being a human who is seeking a life of fulfillment. We often suffer in our relationships, and the real reasons for that often go unnoticed or unrealized. We sometimes believe that any unhappiness we experience is actually rooted in these primary relationships. Is that true? What should we expect from relationship really? What should we ask of ourselves and what should we expect from others when in relationship?


During these three months, Gangaji will take us through a rigorous investigation into who we are in relationship. You can focus on partnership, parents, or any kind of key relationship in your life including the relationship you have with yourself The relationship can be current or in your past. First, we will begin by identifying our hopes and what exactly we are afraid to reveal in relationship. Then Gangaji will guide us in the gift of seeing through someone else’s eyes. And in the final month, she will give us five questions to take us deeper.  



February – Being Yourself / Fixing Yourself


March – Victim No Longer / Discovering the Whole in Your Heart


April –The Death That Can No Longer Be Ignored


May – Making Deals & Denial


June– The Trap of Perfection and the So-Called Spiritual Bypass


July – Showing Up – What Does Integrity Mean to You?


August – Standing Up & Sitting Down


September – The Living, Open-Ended Question