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The Call Home and Other Life Passages


With Gangaji Monthly Webcast – Course Description

In the realm of experience, there are moments in our human lives we consider pivotal or archetypal, moments that cut across all cultural, and social, and economic boundaries. Some call them passages or initiations, but their nature is life changing. They are transcendent gateways in the mystery. Like crumbs on a trail, they can lead you back home.


During her monthly webcast, Gangaji brings us together from all parts of the world to explore the real meaning of these life passages and the real role they play in our self-discovery and our daily lives.


Connect with Gangaji and a global community every month for a 90-minute live webcast.


Ask Gangaji your question by phone during the webcast, and then share your realizations and reports anytime on our community forum.



Upcoming webcast topics include:

March – The Search Is Over. Now, What Is Here? Weekend Retreat and Webcast
When we stop searching, even for just a moment, a fresh possibility arises. We have a crucial opportunity to finally face what we have run from, and to turn and meet the “monster.” This month we examine our strategies of escape, avoidance and rejection. Instead of continuing the search, we can turn our attention inward, to this moment. From our direct experience, we can ask and answer the essential question, “What is here?” It is a revelation.

April – Realization & Redemption

“All that is required to realize the Self is to “Be Still.”
Ramana's essential instruction: be still. In this willingness to be unmoving, we discover there is no dragon to slay. This is the moment of discovering true freedom, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We experience a fulfilling redemption the moment we recognize what truly matters can never be lost or taken.

May – The Temptation of Suffering
In the wake of realization, immediately we are confronted with the temptation to return to our patterns of suffering. In just following a single thought, the entire cycle of suffering begins anew. How do we build our resolve to be true to ourselves? How do we choose truth over personal suffering? Papaji called it “nonabidance in the mind anywhere.” If we continue to suffer, we have to ask ourselves, what do we believe? What are we protecting or defending?



Beginning in June

We dive together into a new series of inquiries:


Living An Ordinary Life In Truth


June – Mental Suffering: Fear & Self-Doubt

What are you telling yourself? When we are caught up in thought, listening to the “voice in our head,” how can we stop and simply be true to ourselves?  Questioning the mental authority we have listened to throughout our lives is a turning point, a life-changing moment of inquiry. We can disagree with or rebel against that mental authority, but there is another possibility. We can question its very reality. This month join Gangaji for an investigation into the nature of mental suffering in our daily lives and the role that fear and self-doubt play.


July – The Body: Instincts & Drives

Human beings are animals, human animals. The body is a wondrous creation, managing millions, actually trillions, of transactions, processes and movements every day without requiring our effort or even awareness. Our physical survival is sustained by the natural intelligence that plays out in our chemistry, environment, instincts and drives. What does it mean when our instincts and drives are out of control? How can we recognize the difference between living freely and simply acting out our raw impulses?


August – Betrayal: Self Hatred & Denial

Self-hatred can be the driving force of one’s life. It needn’t be. In a true examination of self-hatred, it is not what you may believe it to be. This month Gangaji exposes the mechanics of self-hatred and what is ultimately the denial of who we are. What choices are we making that perpetuate the habit of self-hatred? How do we stop betraying ourselves?


September – Annihilating Love & True Surrender

“It is possible to be so ruthlessly honest that neither pleasure nor pain is the determining factor for action.” Love is the annihilating force. It reveals that all identities and boundaries are meaningless. In a moment of pure grace, we realize there is only this Love. When our self-definitions are swept aside and we recognize who we truly are, the question (or fear) often arises, “What does this mean for me?” Gangaji addresses living life in true surrender to the grace that has appeared.


October– Living an Uncommon, Ordinary Life

 “There is no formula.”

The accumulations of higher status, material objects or better spiritual identities are common ways we use our life force. By now, we have seen that these temporary accumulations have not brought us lasting peace and fulfillment. In the wake of realizing the truth of who you are, the uncommon possibility is to let your life be used by that awakening without knowing how or when or what. This month, we discuss living an uncommon, ordinary life.