An Evening of Sacred Song ~ 2016 ~ 963

In a clear acoustic style, Amitabhan’s spiritually intimate lyrics turn the mind toward the sacred and the heart toward its home in the soul.  In a voice that is clear and sweet, warm and soothing, his songs are filled with gratitude, infused with stillness, and always evoking a deep devotion to the sacred.

A guitar player for over 30 years, Amitabhan was particularly inspired by Kirtana, who combines satsang lyrics with folk ballads.  He has released 3 CD’s of original music and has performed at 100’s of events around the country and into Canada. Opening for Ami is our heart-filled Victoria song bard, Paul Foster.

Along with our Victoria volunteers, Ami is generously offering this evening as a fundraiser benefit for the Gangaji Foundation. The funds raised will go towards supporting everything we do at the Foundation to make Gangaji's message of freedom available to everyone.

A key focus for us at this time includes our Prison Program. In our continued desire to make Gangaji's message of inner freedom available to those who reach out from behind bars, the Gangaji Foundation is currently in the process of developing an experiential course of Self-Inquiry that can be taken into prisons through the generous efforts of our program volunteers.

To find out more about the activities of Gangaji's Prison Program and its profound effects on the lives of prisoners, click here.

To see more information on the rest of the Gangaji Foundaton's programs, visit our community pages at



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