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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer for
the Prison

Help Translate Gangaji

  • Subtitle Videos into your language
  • Work with a team of experts to bring Gangaji's words to many around the globe.







Transcribers Needed


Every recorded meeting with Gangaji is transcribed by volunteers. To become a transcriber, email us and we will send you a MP3 to get you started.


Contact us if you can help.


"Transcribing has been quite an amazing deepening experience...Listening to each word so carefully becomes a really intimate and impactful experience, with realizations in every audio.
Very wonderful."

Volunteer at Events

Find out if Gangaji is coming to your town this year and consider helping the local team to prepare the venue, put the word out and welcome the community.


Check Gangaji's Calendar


Email us if you can help.


"Gangaji has made such a huge impact in my life that I cannot help but want to share and make her exquisite presence available to all who wish to come. Working with other volunteers who share in this love and gratitude is a delight. If helping make this invitation available in any way facilitates someone's awakening, well then that is truly time well spent."

Volunteer in Your Community

Put Gangaji on TV
in your Community

  • What is PATV?
  • How do I get started?

Start Your Own
Local Video Group

  • Fill out a form and start your group today.
  • Download resources to help you get the word out.
  • Find out about how to access videos for your group.
Volunteer at our Office










Opportunities to volunteer at our office include computer and database assistance, general assistance with our day-to-day tasks, and possible audio/video editing.


Email us to learn more.

"What a blessing it is for me to be able to support Gangaji's work in this way. Everyone I have met in the office is unfailingly patient and supportive, and I always feel my contributions, however small, are deeply appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity to be with all of you in supporting this great work in the world."



Volunteers Needed


  • transcribe meetings with Gangaji
  • upload transcripts to Youtube
  • translate videos into your language as part of a team


Prison Corresponders

  • sign up to write a prisoner


Ashland Office

  • could use help with admin, mail room, household tasks and video work


Email Us for More






Don't see what you are looking for here?

Share your interests and skills with us. Complete this downloadable form and mail it in to us. We will be in touch if there is an opportunity that would suit you.