With Gangaji In-Person Weekend - Our Inner Relationship - Members ~ 2015 ~ 847

Our Inner Relationship -  Internal States of Mind - Me

We too often differentiate between what we call our spiritual life and our so-called “regular” life, as if they were somehow separate. How can we authentically live our realization of freedom every day, with each breath, until our last breath? How can we be true to ourselves in the midst of all our relationships, and find peace in the midst of the global struggles in the world?

During our first in-person weekend gathering exclusively for With Gangaji members, we will go deeper into our conversation about the primary egoic strategies of survival: moving away from, moving toward, and moving against. Diving into our relationship with ourselves and our internal states of mind we can see how we employ these strategies, and what the consequence is for our lives individually and collectively.

The weekend will include 4 in-person meetings, plus the Sunday With Gangaji webcast. For a complete description for the 2-Year course, read more here.

Recordings: The 4 in-person meetings will be recorded. They will be available for purchase through on-demand streaming for both With Gangaji members and non-members.  The Sunday With Gangaji Webcast, will only be made available to With Gangaji members. 


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