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Help Sustain an Oasis of Peace in Challenging Times

What we have to share is our living, breathing experience of truth — the discovery of the peace that is present both in good times and in dangerous times.  Gangaji, her staff, and the global community are dedicated to living from the ground of love, not fear.

Today, we ask for your help in a very practical way—to give to the programs of the Gangaji Foundation that support the ending of unnecessary suffering and the discovery of peace in our lives and the lives of others.

My resolution is that all being come to know itself as one being, and make peace. Peace within oneself, within the family, the larger community, nationally, internationally, and however else it may manifest. The smallest peace to the biggest. Love of peace is what brings us here.”

The whole world benefits when we end our unnecessary suffering. Every donation received is poured into the community programs that are an oasis of loving support. Your gift will have a real impact today, tomorrow, and beyond. Here’s how:

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“In these times of great change and uncertainty, this message is needed more than ever before. To be a donor is to me an indescribable joy, as I am directly contributing to this discovery of Peace in our world by helping others be with Gangaji."

—Barbara, Dunsmuir, CA

What Your Gift Will Do, Now and in 2021

  • Fund the development of a new web-based platform for online courses, finding fresh ways to make Gangaji’s teaching available to all who are interested.
  • Keep creating videos, blogs, and monthly podcasts that reach thousands who may never have even heard Gangaji speak before.
  • Expand the reach of Gangaji’s Freedom Inside course, putting workbooks and monthly newsletters in the hands of more prisoners, especially as they face the threat of COVID behind bars.
  • Ensure every letter between 70+ pairs of corresponding volunteers and prisoners is delivered to the right hands, to support the deepening spiritual inquiry of all.
  • Provide more scholarships in response to the growing number of people facing financial hardship. We want everyone to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Gangaji online, regardless of financial circumstances.
  • Preserve the wellspring of recordings safe in the archives, ensuring Gangaji’s teachings are available to future generations, and support our transcribers who are key to accessing the best material.

Please support us in meeting the Gangaji Foundation's year end financial goal of $109,000 by December 31st. Together we can serve peace each and every day.

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Gangaji’s promise is to offer this message of peace until her last breath. Our opportunity is to join Gangaji in her commitment with our participation, attention, and support.

“When we choose peace within our own minds and hearts, an enormous force of energy and attention is freed. Only then will we see what can truly become of this earth.”

Share with us how Gangaji's teaching impacted your life in 2020?

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