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Giving Up Our Allegiance to Doubt
In the clip from an online meeting Gangaji speaks about the wheel of doubt – how the mind generates doubt because we are affraid to actually be open, to be still, to not know.
It Has Always Been Here
From Gangaji's 2022 Silent Retreat at Fallen Leaf Lake. This discovery of what has always been here has no boundary. It has never left. It has never not been who you are, whatever circumstances you throw at it. "It" is always here.
How Will You Liberate the Mind?
Our most sublime experiences of acceptance, wholeness, and truth, are commonly followed by a fierce “mind attack.” If there is a willingness to investigate what is underneath the experience, there is a revelation of what is untouched in the wake of any mental phenomena.
Ending Unnecessary Suffering
In these clips Gangaji explores one of the most common "diseases" of our human minds: unnecessary suffering. While there may be great pain, whether physical, mental or emotional, associated with being a human in a body, it is our identification with ourselves as body, mind, or emotions, that causes...
There Is No Success Like Failure
October 20, 1997 PM
Asheville, NC

Failing to be who we think we should be, or that we somehow lack the maturity for true self-realization, can give rise to deep feelings of unworthiness. Yet as Gangaji points to throughout this video, the proof of real spiritual maturity is in the...
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