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Where Are You Looking for Yourself?
When you are looking outside yourself for peace or freedom or happiness, you can stop and turn your attention in, to the one place we so often overlook. In one instant of simply ending your search, you can let yourself be found.
The Nectar of Eternal Being
March 26th, 1999
Denmark, Australia

There is a great secret that beings throughout time have announced, the secret of the extraordinary treasure, the treasure of the nectar of eternal life. Human beings, in all cultures, have attempted to create maps and signposts to find that treasure....
Gangaji's Blog
When All Strategies Fail
If you are willing to stop throwing things at your heart’s longing, to stop searching for an escape from the longing, it will reveal its own consummation. At some point in a blessed life there arises the desire for truth. Not just “my” truth, but real truth, final truth, eternal truth. This...
You Can't Find What Isn't Lost
November 21, 2006
Perth, Australia

Many people are drawn to a spiritual search because they have a sense that something is eluding them, that something essential is missing. What they are really looking for is themselves. You may perceive that you have lost something, but how is that...
I Feel Lost
When we feel lost we try to sooth ourselves and tell ourselves we are not really lost. If you feel lost in your spiritual search, Gangaji asks—do you dare to stop, relax, and let yourself be found?
How Do I Stop?
Many people can relate to this person's question. Do you feel like you have to get something or learn something before you can stop? When you stop trying to know how, then what is here?
Entering This Space of Stillness
Gangaji shares how it is possible to discover the limitless peace of being that is not subject to our ideas, definitions, or circumstances.
Gangaji's Blog
The Last Obstacle
The primary concern for all life forms is survival. The basis of what we think is somehow about our survival. Everything we feel is related to our survival. Even everything we understand is about our survival. What we understand is what we can categorize. A category presents us with a version of...
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