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Let Peace Be Found. Let Happiness Be Found. Let Love Be Found.
Where are you looking for peace, or happiness of love. Is where you are looking subject to change? If it is, you have the opportunity to discover deeper than that what is always here and who your truly are.
Naturally Open
What does it mean to be open to yourself? This meeting with Gangaji features a series of conversations on the critical theme of openness, essential to our times. Openness to oneself, openness to others, openness versus protection, the effortlessly open heart.

“Much has been said and...
Community Article
Meeting Self in Other through Freedom Inside
When I became a volunteer correspondent in the Gangaji Foundation Prison Program, I knew I was saying "Yes" to something completely unknown: to meeting a complete stranger who was living in completely different life circumstances to me. I couldn’t imagine what prison life must be like; how...
The Power of Illusion. The Illusion of Power
In this lively exchange, Gangaji speaks to the experience of “losing our peace” because some thing has changed, and where finally it is always found.
Is the Longing the Problem?
A deep longing for connection, for truth, for love, for yourself, when investigated, is not really the problem. When you inquire into this longing, what is here?
Are You Hiding From What You Truly Want?
Watch videos and other specially selected content that examines how we hide from what we truly want, and what it means to let yourself be found.
You Can't Hide From Yourself
When you discover that what you are hiding from is yourself, you don't need to hide any more. In a game of hide and seek, when you are willing to be "It," to come out of hiding and expose yourself, then you are found.
Longing to Go Deeper
From a recent online weekend with Gangaji. In this fresh moment of really inquiring within the truth itself is revealed.
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