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Your Gift Creates an Oasis of Support 

Gangaji’s website offers a sacred space for those who want to regularly connect with Gangaji in online meetings and retreats, share insights and realizations, and access a rich library of videos, blogs, and podcasts. Your monthly or one-time contribution will help “keep the porch light on” for all those who want to come home to themselves.

Visitors from 172 countries accessed this online oasis just in the last year.
Finding Freedom in Prison Too
“Even though I am in prison I know I can still make a difference in the world.” –A, Prisoner, Deuel Vocational Institution, CA

Men and women living in prison demonstrate how freedom can be discovered no matter where we find ourselves. With your contribution we will keep responding to hundreds of requests, send monthly newsletters to every Freedom Inside course participant, and manage the peer-to-peer correspondence program for volunteers and prisoners.

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Currently, 549 prisoners are enrolled in Gangaji’s course by mail for prisoners, Freedom Inside: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji.

Scholarship Needs Are Growing

Our donors ensure that those without the financial means to attend an event or program can receive a scholarship. Naturally, in the wake of the pandemic, the need for scholarships has increased. Your contribution makes a real difference to scholarship recipients like Mesfin in Ethiopia who wrote to say, “This is beyond good luck.”

Our scholarship committee awarded almost 300 scholarships in the past year!

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