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Ending Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering
Three-Part Course

“Deeper than any circumstance, any emotion, or any story, deeper than any spiritual evaluation, this is an invitation to welcome yourself home.”

What to Expect

Thank you for registering for Gangaji's course, Ending Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering. This multimedia course contains audio, video, written elements, and downloadable inquiries. You will receive part one by email today. Parts two and three will follow over the next two days.

Part I: What are you telling yourself? What is underneath the story?

Part II: Deepening our capacity to meet emotions. Clarifying the difference between pain and suffering.

Part III: Gangaji essential invitation: What you are looking for is already here. Fall Into Yourself/Guided Meditation

Gangaji's Invitation to You

There may come a moment in your life when you have searched long enough for home, you have worked endlessly to fix yourself, and you still remain wanting and wondering. Peace and fulfillment are not in sight. Some might experience this as disillusionment. But perhaps this is the perfect opportunity, the perfect moment for you to stop, to call off the search and discover peace in the last place you thought to look—deep within yourself.

 Gangaji offers to ordinary people leading ordinary lives a unique and transformative invitation to discover what has always been whole and fulfilled, what has always been here, and is in truth, who you already are.

Gangaji speaks to people from all walks of life, in all parts of the world. She welcomes you here and invites you to access all the materials available online or join her in retreat and meetings. Her life is dedicated to serving and supporting your discovery and your deepening in lasting peace and fulfillment. The community of volunteers and donors serves and supports a wide variety of programs available to you.

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