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The River Legacy Fund

“I am nearly 93 years old, living in a retirement village, not very mobile so meeting you is out of the question. I feel that I have been searching for your books for fifty years. I am so glad I found you.”


The Teaching is the Gift

Millions have heard, at least once, that it is possible for them to discover the truth of their being, that they can discover the peace alive in the core of their being, and that it is their birthright to live a life of peace and fulfillment. Through the efforts of an inspired, generous global community, we are grateful for countless gifts, hard work and acts of kindness that for twenty years have fueled the initiatives and programs that make a difference in peoples’ lives. Still, our work isn’t finished. As Papaji said, “there is no retirement in this business.”


The goal of the River Legacy Project is to make the Gangaji Foundation a sustainable organization that can support Gangaji and the programs and initiatives of the Foundation for the future years. Together we can ensure that those living behind bars, seeking peace and fulfillment, will get a book in their hand that speaks to the freedom in their hearts. We can subtitle video offerings in every language. With new online mediums and technologies, we can discover new opportunities never imagined.


Our children’s children can have the same opportunity we have had in meeting Gangaji. Let us continue to share the grace of our lives, letting the river of blessings flow from our hearts to the world.


You Are the Legacy


All contributions made to the Gangaji Foundation serve our core purpose: making this invitation of peace available to all who are interested. To build the Foundation’s long-term sustainability, each year the Board of Directors will designate an appropriate portion of all gifts received to the River Legacy Fund. Those funds will be placed in an investment portfolio overseen by the Board of Directors. The proceeds from those investments will flow back into the Foundation as needed to support Gangaji, her staff, and to sustain outreach programs. There are several different ways you can make your contribution:



You can make the Gangaji Foundation a beneficiary in your living trust, will, life insurance policy or retirement fund. Here are some other things you should know: 


• You can retain control and use of your assets during your lifetime


• You can modify your bequest if your circumstances change


• Gifts from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes. 


As with any financial planning, it is wise to consult with professionals you trust. If you do decide to include the Gangaji Foundation in your estate planning, here is some essential information you will need: 


Legal Name: Gangaji Foundation, 364 Helman Street, Ashland, OR 97520 | 541 482-3100


Tax ID: 84-1239976


If you want additional informatino about planned giving, or want to let us know you have already included the Gangaji Foundation in your estate planning, learn more here. 



If you have any questions about the River Legacy Fund, please contact us at info@gangaji.org or by phone at 541-482-3100 x222.