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Papaji Speaks Om Shantis Vol 3 - DVD


These are truly extraordinary examples of Papaji's non-teaching. Remastered and edited to enhance the picture, restore color, and reduce background noise, with subtitles in English to make Papaji's words even clearer.

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"The Truth cannot be spoken of
or described by words."

Om Shanti from October 10, 1992
Papaji explains how the close association with a realized teacher removes the fear of death. Such association will help one to get rid of the concepts of birth and death - neither of which exist in reality – and to spark the desire to be free which is the only truly helpful desire.

Om Shanti from December 1, 1992 – 16 min
In this segment, Papaji speaks about desire. He says that to give up all desire, but for a instant, you will see that mind and ego do not exist. In the emptiness of no-mind there is no union and no separation. There is only This which One eternally is.

Om Shanti from January 23, 1993
Papaji explains that the words “keep quiet,” which are heard so often in satsang, is not something that one does, but is in fact, what you always are. You are always quiet. It is your true nature. When Papaji says to keep quiet he is simply saying do not take up any thought; recognize what is always the case prior to, during, and after all thoughts.

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