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Questions from the Inside - Audio Download


How do I live in a place of love in a prison environment, where any sign of weakness makes me vulnerable to physical abuse? How can I live with my sense of betrayal? How can I express my own anger without poisoning others with it? When I see people around me living in their own hell, how can I be happy?

These are some of the heartfelt questions from prisoners that Gangaji addresses in Questions from the Inside.


"Grace is not limited by prison walls. There is support all over the world. All of us, guilty or innocent, in prison or out, are linked by these invisible cords of love. It has been discovered even in solitary confinement.” ~ Gangaji

Prisoners in county jails, state prisons, federal facilities, and even those on death row participated in the creation of this recording. In this conversation with Chris Mohr, Gangaji offers the opportunity to fall into the silence of the heart and to see what is at the core of all being.

When you purchase this CD, all proceeds will go to the Prison Program and help put Questions from the Inside into the hands of prisoners across the US.

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