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The Invitation - Video


\"You have the capacity to live a lucid, clear, and authentic life. If for one instant your attention is withdrawn from the physical, mental, or emotional story of your life, you will know yourself as clarity, as spaciousness.\"


Have you looked everywhere for fulfillment? In relationships, spirituality, health, self-image? Have you found what matters most? At the very heart of Gangaji’s message is the simple yet radical invitation to stop looking outside yourself for resolution, and simply be willing, just in this moment, to see what is already here. This compilation of crystalline monologues is the encouragement, the support, and the inspiration to finally accept the invitation of your soul’s deepest longing. Beyond any belief about yourself, closer than any joy or sorrow, more immediate than either sickness or health, is the endlessly fulfilling truth of who you are. Welcome in.

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