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Love Gratitude - Video


\"Love has nothing to do with another person. Love is your individual and collective soul. Love is God. Love is truth. Love is beauty. Love is Self. To know yourself, to surrender to the truth of yourself, is to surrender to love.\"


In this collection of conversations with Gangaji, the topics of love and gratitude are explored and celebrated as fundamental choices inherent to every moment of one’s life. Gangaji speaks of the tendency of mind to focus on what is \"wrong\" in our lives, rather than embracing all that there is to be grateful for. This tendency, coupled with strategies of protection and defense against being broken hearted, is the source of our greatest suffering. When there is the desire to serve the truth of love, the truth of freedom, the truth of one’s own heart, then the privilege of one’s life can be recognized. Love can teach you who you are.

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