An Opportunity to Serve Peace 
What if there was a simple, immediate way you could make a real difference in an inmates’s life? There is...

I discovered Gangaji via ‘Edovo’- took the Freedom Inside course on the tablet the state provides. In 40+ years of inconsistent practice, I have experienced one five second period of connectedness. For that, I am grateful. I am running out of time, physically. My situation has given me a unique opportunity to find the truth…”— Brad, California State Prison

“Gangaji’s wisdom brings out the deepest, most heartfelt insights. I can relate, in that though a caged man, it does not limit who I am internally. I choose to be free internally.” —Keith, Soledad Prison, CA

“It's about knowing beyond thinking how if you can reach flow or stillness of mind, one then discovers the true self and by doing so, finds oneness and unconditional love for all beings.”—Verdell, Leblanc Unit, TX
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  • Ensure delivery of the Freedom Inside to 700+ participants
  • Offer the course and fresh content quarterly on Edovo
  • Provide Ramana, Papaji, and Gangaji’s books free of charge to inmates
  • Sustain the spiritual inquiry offered through correspondence program
  • Supports outreach to prison chaplains and officials
  • Provides for Gangaji/staff guidance and program continuity and integrity
  • Helps maintain mailing lists and funds innovation in database systems to remain responsive in times of growth

Going Digital in 2024

GREAT NEWS! Since April 2024, for the first time many inmates can now access Gangaji's courses, videos, and audio on an iPad through a new digital platform called Edovo. We are thrilled to report that since it's launch already more than 1,500 incarcerated men and women have found Gangaji on Edovo.


“I am very happy and privileged to be able to support Gangaji’s efforts to heal the prison population.” —David, Georgia
Letter from an Edovo participant

We received this letter just a few weeks after launching Gangaji on the Edovo platform.

"I am a 70+ year old lifer...I am running out of time physically. My situation has given me a unique opportunity to find the truth and I feel I have squandered it. Thank you for listening..."—Brad, California State Prison

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Finding Freedom in the Darkness
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