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Weekend Retreats

Take a Deeper Dive with Gangaji

A weekend retreat is an opportunity to step away from your usual activities and bring your full attention to the truth of your being. Over these two days, you can stop the habit of fixing yourself, end the momentum of past history, and directly experience lasting peace and fulfillment. Each meeting and aspect of the retreat Gangaji offers is here to serve you in discovering where home truly is—right where you are.

More About Weekend Retreats…

Weekends are a powerful way to deepen in your own inquiry with Gangaji and others who bring their earnest life questions to the conversation. Over the course of the weekend there are four meetings with Gangaji, a “Letters to Gangaji” forum, video showings, small group gatherings, and an open conversation hall between meetings. All meetings are held on Zoom. $225/person

About Gangaji

Since 1990, Gangaji has been offering events worldwide and sharing with all who meet her the opportunity to fully recognize the absolute freedom that is the truth of one's being. Among other books, she is the author of Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance.

“I’m supporting each of you in living your life fully as peace and as a human being with choices.”

Upcoming Online Weekends

Online Weekends to be announced. Please check back soon, or view our other events.​

What to Expect

  • Over the course of two days, four live Zoom webinars with Gangaji where you can share your questions and insights.
  • Two video sessions with small breakout groups to deepen the conversation.
  • Share your written reports with Gangaji before, during, and after the weekend.
  • Between each session spend informal, social time with others in our virtual "conversation hall."
  • If you can't make the meeting in real-time because of your time zone, we will share the recording for limited time so you can catch up.
  • Get full technical and admin support from Gangaji's staff if you have any issues.

Weekend Scholarships

A limited number of full and partial scholarship spaces for Gangaji's online weekend retreats are available to anyone with a strong commitment to be with Gangaji and serious financial need. All scholarships are supported by donations from the community.

We Invite you to explore other types of events with Gangaji

Public Meetings

A great way to meet Gangaji for the first time.
Hear Gangaji's most essential teaching that she received from her teacher, Papaji.
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Small Group Retreats

Intimate gatherings limited to 40 people.
Each person has an opportunity to meet Gangaji face to face. Prerequisites apply.
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Monthly Membership Progam

Join a Global Community.
Meet with Gangaji each month to dive into a compelling topic of inquiry.
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