Send a message of peace​. The world is listening​.​

Individually and collectively, we can end our unnecessary suffering and awaken to who we truly are. Then, as Gangaji once said, we can be “one spot on Mother Earth that is at peace, is free.” When Gangaji, the staff, donors, and volunteers work in concert, we have a powerful voice that reverberates around the world. Join us in sending out a life-changing message of peace to our human family. Look at and interact with the maps below to see what is possible!

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Your Gift Creates an Oasis of Support 

Gangaji’s website offers a sacred space for those who want to regularly connect with Gangaji in online meetings and retreats, share insights and realizations, and access a rich library of videos, blogs, and podcasts. Your monthly or one-time contribution will help “keep the porch light on” for all those who want to come home to themselves.

Visitors from 172 countries accessed this online oasis just in the last year.

“And now here is this tight-knit far-flung family, connected by electric filaments via the amazing Gangaji website and that the technology enables us this deep kinship – to be true friends to one another – simply incredible.” —Chris, Australia

Finding Freedom in Prison Too
“Even though I am in prison I know I can still make a difference in the world.” –A, Prisoner, Deuel Vocational Institution, CA

Men and women living in prison demonstrate how freedom can be discovered no matter where we find ourselves. With your contribution we will keep responding to hundreds of requests, send monthly newsletters to every Freedom Inside course participant, and manage the peer-to-peer correspondence program for volunteers and prisoners.

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Currently, 549 prisoners are enrolled in Gangaji’s course by mail for prisoners, Freedom Inside: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji.

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Listen to Your Own Heart  ​

Gangaji’s current podcast, Being Yourself, delivers recordings from the archives to listeners around the world. With your support, these recordings can be sent out monthly with love and the deepest purpose for awakening.

“I listened to the podcast you and Gangaji did (on racism) and wanted to thank you for it. Thank you for the way you both "tell the truth," in such a deeply personal way, without ever losing track of the deepest Truth.” —M, Ashland, OR

Since last April, Gangaji’s podcast had 142,570 unique downloads from 128 countries.
"There is a sacred hunger and beauty alive in each of us. It is what brings us together, so that it can be discovered more deeply and more freshly. We give the deepest thanksgiving for this mystery of life and love."
Scholarship Needs Are Growing

Our donors ensure that those without the financial means to attend an event or program can receive a scholarship. Naturally, in the wake of the pandemic, the need for scholarships has increased. Your contribution makes a real difference to scholarship recipients like Mesfin in Ethiopia who wrote to say, “This is beyond good luck.”

Our scholarship committee awarded almost 300 scholarships in the past year!

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  • “Very powerful retreat meeting last night. I am very grateful for this blessed lifetime. Thank you Gangaji and everyone at the foundation for making this happen. This is beyond good luck.” —Mesfin, Ethiopia

  • “I see Gangaji as someone who promotes peace and understanding in the world, one person at a time. This year has been like no other. Contributing to her mission was something I could do to promote more peace and harmony in this divided world.” —Pedro, Colorado

  • “The best moment of my life happened here in jail.” —Russ, Prisoner, Texas

  • “I discovered a Gangaji video at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid 19…what has occurred since then I cannot yet express other than to say I am so deeply thankful to Gangaji and the foundation for all of the support that is out there to point to the truth of myself.” — Will D, Brighton, UK

  • “I greet you from the bottom of my heart into the core of being which rest in all…The newsletters are so inspiring and very much needed in these times and always!”—K, CA State Prison, Corcoran

What Your Gift Will Do
  • Provide scholarships for those in need
  • Put the Freedom Inside course into prisoners’ hands every month
  • Ensure prisoners receive every letter from their volunteer correspondent
  • Continue to develop new web-based online courses and features
  • Provide new free videos, blogs, and monthly podcasts to a worldwide audience
  • Preserve our archives for future generations

Our 2021 donation goal is $395,000. If we reach this goal by year end, we will fully fund the programs of the Gangaji Foundation.

Donations Needed for 2022 ($269,400 Goal)
Raised: $245,691.69
Remaining: $23,708.31
Donations Needed for 2022 ($269,400 Goal)

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Barbara Denempont
Executive Director

Your Support is Everything

Over a year ago when the pandemic emerged, Gangaji and I made the consequential decision to cancel her 2020 events. When we knew we were not going on the road, the staff was given a wonderful challenge: create an online satsang hall.

In the last year, our donor community has funded the creation of a robust online event platform. Gangaji has met with thousands of people, holding 65 online meetings since last April. She has 30 more on the schedule for 2021. And while she cannot hold anyone's hand, she can touch many hearts.

“I’ve watched you build Gangaji’s entire digital infrastructure from scratch into something truly top notch! Very professional, very well thought out and very conscious of using your resources carefully so they become productive assets. You have to feel very proud of your team’s hard work….helping so many other Souls along the way.” —Recent Donor

Your support is everything. Every gift is welcome, needed, and appreciated. I invite you to put yourself on this map of contributors as a new donor or returning donor. Join us in sending out a message of peace to our human family. Together, we can continue to provide a loving space that serves awakening and the ending of unnecessary suffering. That is the possibility we can serve here on Mother Earth.

With Gratitude,

P.S. Of course, the work on our online platform is not done! We continue to work on new features including a library of quotes and online interactive courses. Stay tuned. And yes, Gangaji hopes to offer a silent, in-person retreat at Fallen Leaf Lake in May 2022.

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