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Staying Connected
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There are several ways that you can come closer and stay connected to Gangaji and the worldwide community. Check out Gangaji's Calendar of online events, or learn more about her Monthly Online Meetings and Forum. Also, you can explore more free videos, podcasts and read Gangaji's blog.

Community Video Screening

Right now we would like to invite you to be a part of a global group that meets each month for a Community Video Screening. We come together on Zoom to watch a 20-30 minute video, and then have the opportunity to break into smaller groups for conversation. If you would like to receive information about community video screenings click below.

Our next Community Video Screening is on:
Sunday, October, 1st 10:57 AM
yes, count me in
Thank you. You have been added to the list. You will receive an email before the next Community Video Screening with links and instructions on how to join.