Falling into Yourself​
Falling Into Yourself – Part VII
You Are Already Open

To open your mind to the silence that is the source of your mind is to open to yourself. That conscious silence is already open. You are already open. Allow your mind to stop gathering information, to stop imagining the future, and to stop strategizing for survival. Let your mind simply be held by its source. Recognize that the capacity to open to the truth of your being is always here.

Whatever questions have arisen for you in this course, the most immediate answer to those questions is simply to open. You do not need to understand the words. Just open your mind to where the words are pointing. The open mind reveals the open heart.

If you find opening difficult, you can examine whatever “story” makes vulnerability seem difficult. It’s possible that there is a story you believe about how you cannot or should not open. The truth is that nothing is easier than opening. This may sound simplistic or abstract, but it can be concretely actualized every moment of your life.

In the instant of simply opening, you experience that whatever you were struggling with is no longer there. True openness reveals that the struggle—the problem, the bogeyman, the demon, the wound—is actually non-existent. The story is not transformed by openness; it is revealed to be actually non-existent. The only thing that holds the story in place is the resistance to opening. What remains, when what was feared or fought with disappears, is the openness of existence itself—the truth in the core of your own heart.

This completes Part VII of Falling into Yourself: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji.

“The open mind reveals the open heart.”