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Falling Into Yourself - Part VII

Inquiry Questions

Take 5 to 10 minutes to answer each of these questions. Don’t edit yourself or judge your responses.

This is just for you. No-one is reading your answers, and you don’t need to show them to anyone. Your responses will be saved for you when you go to the next page, or when you choose “save progress” below, so you can always come back and add to them or change them as your experience shifts. You will receive a copy of your replies via email. If you would rather take this offline, you can download a pdf.

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="1" friendly_id="What future can you stop imagining?" form_name="text_area" rep1="~instruction~=What future can you stop imagining?"|>
<|gfc_form ~args~ id="2" friendly_id="What information can you stop gathering?" form_name="text_area" rep1="~instruction~=What information can you stop gathering?"|>
<|gfc_form ~args~ id="3" friendly_id="What stories stop you from opening?" form_name="text_area" rep1="~instruction~=What stories stop you from opening?"|>
<|gfc_form ~args~ id="4" friendly_id="What strategies can you set aside for this moment?" form_name="text_area" rep1="~instruction~=What strategies can you set aside for this moment?"|>

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